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Individual Tax Services, Business, Corporate Taxes, Trust and US Tax Preparation. You receive our best services so you feel confident about filing your taxes!

We help Canadian individuals and families to file their tax returns according to the most recent modifications of the tax laws and regulations of the specified year of the tax returns. Those who ask for clarifications on the past years of filing the tax returns, we provide complimentary review of four prior year tax returns depending on each case.
Self-employed and small incorporated businesses find valuable tax advice through which they can save taxes and also low cost of filing their income tax.  The self-employed and the business owners can use these savings to reinvest in the business or for other purposes. These categories of tax filers can also receive expert guidance on reading and understanding, if interested, of their financial statements balance sheets and other forms they fill in to comply with the government tax and accounting regulations.
For those business owners who have a busy life, we provide pick-up and drop-off services (some conditions may apply).

If the tax filers would like to have an understanding and require explanations about the income tax returns or the business tax returns, our team considers it an important part of our services and can provide such service upon request.
Timely delivery of the tax and bookkeeping services to our clients is very important to Express Tax and Bookkeeping Services and its team.
Some of tax filers postpone their tax filing for different reasons:
-  Might think not required to file
-  Some information might be missing and don’t get the time to get the missing information.
-  Not expecting any refund
-  Might owe substantial amount of money to the government
-  Procrastination etc.
No matter what the reasons are, late filing tax returns tax returns has a negative consequences in many cases: more time consuming, higher payments due to interest and penalties, or being disallowed of government benefits or over payments.
We understand these benefits and shortcomings and can guide our clients about timely delivery. They can immediately notice the valuable results of a prompt service.

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