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It is fundamentally important to our team to accurately file taxes so our clients become satisfied with the end results, and in the same time to successfully fulfil the obligations of filing the tax returns to the government. By combining our invaluable tax and accounting expertise with a personable approach, clients return to us for more advice and services.

For years many clients attempt to understand their taxes, their obligations and their rights regarding filing the tax returns. Express Tax takes pride in helping them understand this process which feels complex for the majority who are not tax preparers, bookkeepers or accountants. Upon their request, the clients continue to request clarifications and get educated while showing them the facts about the specific taxation issue we resolve. The personable approach to Express Tax clients, based on open communication is established both ways between them and our team members. A clear communication process and applying it at every step leads to solving the issues our clients encounter during the tax filing season whether it is for an employee, a self-employed person, a business or a corporation.

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Saving taxes to Canadians, for all types of businesses and for employees

Over years we have helped over 80% of our new clients amend their tax return and collected additional refund from the CRA.

We answer all your questions, listen to your comments and explain details of the tax returns we have worked on.  We educate our clients about the rights to file the annual tax returns whether it is for personal, self-employed or your business or corporate taxes. With proficiency and consideration we present to you all sides of the papers, including your obligations towards the government and the timeliness to foster these responsibilities.

Our team promotes a personable approach to our clients, relying on accessible information between all parties, which is necessary to accurately complete the accounting and the financial tasks. Smooth communication between our team and our clients speeds up the process whether it refers to tax preparation, bookkeeping or preparation of the financial statements. Satisfactory communication contributes to developing our competency to continuously serve countless clients.

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We have it all at our fingertips and you can be fully satisfied with our one stop tax accounting / bookkeeping services.