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How To Find a Good Tax Accountant

Nowadays in all professions, people look for quality service providers, those who give them the best results, the
best value for the resources invested. Referring a good tax accountant seems like an easy job to do for someone. 

Depending on the style and approach and also the interrelation between the accountant and the potential client, finding a good tax accountant may be done through other sources. For example, people use more technology tools to increase their surrounding environment, acquiring suppliers or service providers through means other than the word of mouth. Once the prospects look for a good tax accountant using the net search, it is becoming more difficult to simply choose from a list of names. 

People usually look for accountant offices that lye close to their home. Although this does not seem crucial, the convenience of a close by accountant office could be decisive for choosing your tax accountant, all else being equal. Although the technology is doing amazing things for us, like sending financial statements over the net in seconds, we still want to meet face-to-face with the tax accountant we select, probably even more than once when we hand in our private information. When you do not have sufficient experience hiring your own tax accountant someone else may guide you to choose the one who can successfully accomplish your requirements. An interview with the tax accountant over the phone or face-to-face will determine if you want to proceed with their services. Therefore, during your first and sometimes the subsequent face-to-face meetings with your potential accountant define your further steps. In order to make your judgments, the following might be considered qualities of a good tax accountant:

Ask your prospect tax accountant to give you an example on how they have saved taxes to their clients. Great examples could refer to how these tax accountants saved money to someone who in previous years or even that specific year went to a franchise tax office and they may not have been satisfied with the service and/or the money saved. Some non-franchise tax accountants can give you at least two trustworthy examples from their own experience and you may further find out about their applied knowledge by inquiring on how they are different from a large tax franchise company with branches all over the country.

When you meet a personable and transparent tax accountant at the office, he/she will be able to present you with the financial facts as they are. If you accept such types of tax accountant, he/she is willing to educate you on your financial situation.

Ttax advice is considered a mark of a good tax accountant. Ask the accountant how he/she approaches you when you bring in the documents for income tax filing, and give the accountant a chance to explain what he/she does in a few sentences. Listen to the answer to your questions and if your concerns about filing your tax is addressed.  Certainly, if the tax accountant has been referred to you, ask the people who referred you what tax advice they have gotten.  Knowing about the tax advice that the previous clients received, you would make a better assessment instead of just asking the tax accountants about their general approach to the client.


An efficient tax accountant abides by the deadlines for remitting your specific taxes. If you are an employee or a self-employed person, ask the tax accountant what papers you bring for tax filling and ask how long he/she requires to complete the work and submit to the government.  Schedule a specific date when to drop the necessary documents and when the work will be completed and submitted to the government.  Make sure the deadlines will be met. 

A good tax accountant thrives so that you understand in the essence of the entire work he/she has been doing for you, and especially the final results pertaining to your obligations towards the government, whether it has a refund or balance owing.

Based on your personal or company financial facts, the tax accountant prepares your tax filing to minimize balance owing and maximizing refund. Being trained and experienced, a good tax accountant ponders all numbers from your financial records and makes the appropriate decision regarding your filling tax returns.  For example by giving the accountant the proper financial information from all sources of income received and expenses incurred, it may lead to a higher tax refund.  For example by acknowledging all cash income received in a year such as tips, odd jobs, tutoring, babysitting services etc. In some cases, cash income declaration does not always mean more tax owing instead it could be a refund.

Credentials are important however they do not mean everything. Some tax accountants have vast experience with filling income tax to numerous people over the years while they also participate in courses to improve their skills. Those courses may not lead to well-known designations like Chartered Accountant (CA) or Certified General Accountant (CGA). These courses, when appropriately applied to the specific cases, tremendously help the tax accountant to deliver a highly competent service. Therefore, it is worth asking how many courses they take a year, or how many hours and in which way these courses help them to deliver a high-standard service.

A good tax accountant will be able to provide you with a fee estimate or the actual amount it costs to do your bookkeeping, Accounting, government filing or tax filing costs.  Always make sure to ask the cost for the services before you commit yourself.  As much as you want the accountant to be transparent, it is also your responsibility to disclose all the information required to file your tax return. Omitting a certain documents from your tax filing will trigger a reassessment by the government and you might end up paying penalty and interest.  The government has the right to go back seven years and sometimes in rare cases nine years to audit your tax return.

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