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Most of our members have more than 15 years of experience in tax preparation, bookkeeping and accounting services.  Our company hires new graduates who can help apply the accounting principles into the real world. They can improve the methods they use and they have the possibility to grow in an accounting environment with lots of guidance from the senior accounting staff.

The senior staffs set the work environment as one essentially promotes integrity, honesty and open communication between all members and between staff and all our clients.  

The soft skills of our team, referring to communication with our clients and prospects, on one hand and integrity by applying the tax and accounting principles, on the other hand brings the company repeat business regularly.

Some members of our knowledgeable staff pursued accounting studies and acquired accounting and bookkeeping experience in other countries of the world: some parts of Asia, Europe and UK. They studied accounting and tax preparation in those countries, and worked in the accounting division for several years. When they arrived in Canada, they persisted in continuing their training as tax professionals and bookkeepers or accountants due to their passion for the accounting career and willingness to serve the average Canadian.

Some of the team members, coming to Canada, has maximized the benefit of speaking languages other than Canadian English, by helping members of ethnic communities to file their tax returns every year. We speak Arabic, Amharic and Romanian and we can help the newcomers and others whose first language is one of the above to learn faster about and get familiarized with the rights and the obligations of the income tax system.

Senior staff members have remarkable tax preparation and accounting experience in notable corporations located in GTA and surrounding areas. Along the years they acquire sound application of tax preparation for individuals and families and the application of accounting principles to a variety of small businesses.