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Some of the most sought after financial and accounting resources online:

Government of Canada/CRA


Ontario Ministry of Finance  

Canadian Public Accountability Board

Child Disability Benefit

Chartered Professional Accountants Canada


​In the Government of Canada web site and Taxes category, one can find more information about the following topics:

- Income tax, GST/HST, Payroll, Business number,

- Savings and pension plans

- Child and family benefits

- Charities and giving

- excise taxes, duties and levies

Our clients can view critical tax information whether they look for personal income tax or business corporate tax or other income tax types. Our staffs are open to our clients' questions regarding the forms, slips and other information from the Government of Canada web site.

Regarding Income tax, plenty of information is geared towards specific as well as general tax. For example, one can find information on personal income tax, professional income and corporation income tax, or trust income tax. Specifics refer to for instance in the personal income tax, how to look for related information and get the benefits package and how to check the status of the return /refund after filing.

Some other specific tax information refers to how to calculate business and professional income.

One can obtain relevant information on industry codes, and when the case, report various income types.

 Government of Canada web site is helpful about giving information on provincial and territorial corporate tax, how to file trust income tax, get info on various forms and slips, for example T3 slips, or T5013 forms for partnerships information returns.

 Related tax publications are available at this site and forms, such as:

- T2201 -Disability tax credit certificate

- T1 General - Schedule 1

- T1 Adjustment request

- T2125 - Statement of business or professional activities

 Another link connects to the Ministry of Finance which performs a variety of roles, and being the base of a strong economy, building the fiscal and investment climate for Ontario. In the same time, Ministry's accountability for the use of public funds represents the focal point. Many of our clients who have corporate accounts would be interested in viewing such information.

 The Ministry of Finance provides full support to its web site's visitors in relation to:

- reporting on the province's economic and fiscal plans by presenting them to the public

- promoting the principles of accountability for the responsible use of public funds in all areas of the public sector

- diligent preparation of the provincial budget and a mid-fiscal year update

- promoting and ensuring compliance of the province's self-assessing tax system

 Another invaluable link for the general public presents information regarding Canada's audit regulator, Canadian Public Accountability Board or CPAB. Any business or any taxpayer may be audited at any time. Our clients do not make an exception. Therefore, we prepare our clients to present properly the papers, and documents in case of a government audit.

 It is important to know that CPAB strives for integrity in financial reporting. By promoting quality, and independent auditing, CPAB supports the capital markets in Canada, which constitutes an opening to their possible expansion in international markets.

Canadian Public Accountability Board has a mandate which can be accomplished through inspections and through promoting stakeholders involvement in discussions about the audit process. CPAB has set as one of its important priorities to enhance the effectiveness of the organization. To ensure the fulfillment of this objective, CPAB is looking among others, to advocate and develop meaningful thought leadership, to expand knowledge and data relevant to the issues of audit quality and to build and sustain a strong performance team.

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