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We provide the following services:
    -  T1 Personal Income Tax Returns                    - Small Business Income Tax Returns
    -  T2 Corporation Income Tax Returns               -  Payroll returns (T4s, T5s and T5018s)
    -   Financial statements (Notice to Reader)       -  T2 Corporation Income Tax Returns
    -  GST/HST returns                                               -   Financial statements (Notice to Reader)
    -  Tax advice                                                           -   Incorporation advice
Our team provides income tax, bookkeeping and other related services to individuals and business owners in compliance with current Government publications.  Every year the tax legislation for businesses and individual tax payers changes and our team is always taking the tax courses and attending sessions to be up to date with the changes.  Throughout the open communications with our clients clarifications are made regarding the concluding results of tax preparation.

Our team performs accurate tax preparation in a timely manner. We keep our clients satisfied with our service by educating them on the importance of using accurate up-to-date forms and performing in depth research and paper work to maximize their tax refunds.

We provide specialized tax preparation, bookkeeping and accounting expertise according to the needs of a small business by preparing the T2 Corporation Income Tax Returns and the financial statements. Between our clients and our team, open discussions exist on how the clients send information to be processed by us, what is our feedback to the data received and what options they have to maximize their hard-earned revenue and increase their tax savings.

Our team explains the importance of filing taxes and any other returns to the clients so that not to miss out any benefits or refunds and also not to miss the dead line for different filing requirements so that there will not be any penalty and interest imposed by CRA and related bodies.

Our team takes pride in educating the clients on various aspects of tax preparation and accounting as they satisfy the government deadlines and requirements. Follow-up with all our clients often takes place after the submission of papers to the government, so client satisfaction is ensured. Continuously following-up throughout the year represents our measures on how we successfully fulfill our clients’ tax preparation and bookkeeping needs. Keeping the channels of communication open and giving the right tax advice based on our extended accounting and financial experience improves our clients' tax preparation participation by increasing their awareness in relation to all actions required to filing income tax and other filing requirements on timely manner.